High Precision

Our technology is able to provide high precision self-localization of any object in all outdoor environments. Combining satellite signals received on two or more different objects, e.g. provided by GPS, our algorithm offers you centimeter-level positioning accuracy even in obstructed environments.

High Reliability

It is important to get a reliable positioning service to be able to plan safely. Our technology achieves high reliability using our novel RTK engine. Optionally enhanced by our highly reliable, fast and low power wireless communication technique, all major components for your high precision application are in place.

Low Latency

To be able to react fast, your device needs to know its position as close to real-time as possible. Our technology provides its high precision solution with very low latency and is therefore optimized for all moving objects even deployed in high dynamic environments.

A summary of the crazy busy September and October at Fixposition: roadshows in China and Silicon Valley, on-site product test for customers ... ...

Fixposition at Homes of drone: Swiss-Sino drone night at Shanghai

It was crazy busy in September and October at Fixposition. We had road shows in both China (Hongkong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing and Tianjin) through Venture leaders China program (VLChina) and Silicon Valley together with the IMD EMBA Startup Competition. We got top exposure to investors and customers in the two most important markets for Fixposition: e.g., an interview of Zhenzhong by CNN money Switzerland; Lukas was invited as panelist for Sino-Swiss drone night at Shanghai.

Meanwhile, we had several on-site product test and demo for our customers.

Some more highlights:

Lukas & Zhenzhong at Swiss Sino drone night
Fixposition with Swiss Federal Councillor at Sino-Swiss drone night, invited by Swissnex China
Tianjin WEF
Fixposition Pitching at Tianjin during Summer WEF


test under trees
Keeping cm accuracy under trees in a live demo to customers
self-driving bus
Visited Trapeze/Amotech and Swiss Transit Lab. First test of our visual navigation in this self-driving bus, results were promising and exciting.