High Precision

Our technology is able to provide high precision self-localization of any object in all outdoor environments. Combining satellite signals received on two or more different objects, e.g. provided by GPS, our algorithm offers you centimeter-level positioning accuracy even in obstructed environments.

High Reliability

It is important to get a reliable positioning service to be able to plan safely. Our technology achieves high reliability using our novel RTK engine. Optionally enhanced by our highly reliable, fast and low power wireless communication technique, all major components for your high precision application are in place.

Low Latency

To be able to react fast, your device needs to know its position as close to real-time as possible. Our technology provides its high precision solution with very low latency and is therefore optimized for all moving objects even deployed in high dynamic environments.

ETHZ Pioneer Fellowship Grant

ETH Zurich Pioneer Fellowship Grant

Fixposition has been awarded with the much sought-after Pioneer Fellowship grant from ETH Zurich. Besides an amount of 150k CHF grant money, Pioneer Fellowships offers a well suited business network, office spaces and excellent coaching.

Pioneer Fellowships are an instrument awarded to an individual or groups of individuals intending to independently develop a highly innovative product or service to be exploited commercially and for the benefit of society.

They are the result of a competitive process to ensure the innovation potential of the successful application. The fellowships are not awarded for basic research, but must be based on the applicants own, previous research.

Pioneer Fellowships are jointly funded by the ETH Zurich and the ETH Zurich Foundation.