High Precision

Our technology is able to provide high precision self-localization of any object in all outdoor environments. Combining satellite signals received on two or more different objects, e.g. provided by GPS, our algorithm offers you centimeter-level positioning accuracy even in obstructed environments.

High Reliability

It is important to get a reliable positioning service to be able to plan safely. Our technology achieves high reliability using our novel RTK engine. Optionally enhanced by our highly reliable, fast and low power wireless communication technique, all major components for your high precision application are in place.

Low Latency

To be able to react fast, your device needs to know its position as close to real-time as possible. Our technology provides its high precision solution with very low latency and is therefore optimized for all moving objects even deployed in high dynamic environments.


Fixposition offers a reliable, centimeter-accurate positioning service that is affordable and easy-to-use. It is designed for a wide variety of possible applications, like UAV navigation, self-driving, agricultural machinery, surveying and many more.

    Wide variety of possible applications - UAV navigation, self-driving, agricultural machinery, surveying and many more.


    Key Metrics

    • Fast and highly reliable centimeter-level positioning in all outdoor environments
    • Highly adaptable real-time kinematic algorithm for different deployment scenarios
    • Novel wireless communication technique tailored for low latency, high dynamics and low-energy applications
    • Real-time heading information and attitude determination


    For our service to be operational a reference station is sited in the vicinity of your mobile devices broadcasting its received satellite data. Our real-time kinematic algorithm running directly on the mobile device calculates high precision positioning solutions in real-time.

    Operation - Our RTK algorithm together with one reference station provides countless rovers with centimeter accurate positioning accuracy.